Platinum, sometimes referred to as "Fire," is the visual het for either Leucistic, or Ultra Ivory.  This means there are actually 2 known lines of Platnum, and when bred together, these will produce Ivories.  Platinums are identified by subtle changes in pattern, and an overall lightening of the base color of the snake.  Sometimes difficult to distinguish from normals at birth, anything with the Platinum gene will get more and more intense as it ages, growing into a beautiful lemon yellow and black animal.

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Platinum co-dom, Platinum retics just keep looking better and better as they grow, beautiful enhancer gene

Platinum Lavender Albino

These bright pastel colored Albinos are created by adding the electrifying, color brightening traits of the Platinum gene and to the Clark Strain Albinos.
From $600.00

Goldenchild Platinum

Goldenchild, Platinum
From $650.00

Sunfire Platinum

Sunfire, Platinum
From $400.00

Dwarf Genetic Stripe Platinum

Genetic Stripe, Platinum,

Platinum het Anthrax

Platinum, het Anthrax

Titanium Platinum

Titanium, Platinum
From $2,250.00

Anthrax Platinum Tiger

Anthrax, Platinum, Tiger
From $3,500.00

Super Motley Platinum Albino

Super Motley, Platinum, Albino

Albino Platinum

Clark Strain Albino, Platinum

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