Anthrax is a simple recessive pattern mutation, which pixelizes and shatters the typical Retic pattern, and is extremely variable.  The Anthrax gene also affects eye color, making for solid colored eyes that range from tan to black.  This mutation is easily altered by other genes, making it a prime candidate for creating new, extreme combo mutations.  The line we work with also throws a secondary pattern mutation we have decided to call Shatter, which is a separate Co-Dominate trait, that was once thought to be a visual het Anthrax- we know now know is not the case.  This line is also throwing two separate color forms of Anthrax- the more common red based ones, and a blue base Anthrax (and hets) which may prove to be the heterozygous form of some type of Anerytheristic gene.  There is much to be learned about this gene complex, and only time will tell...

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Anthrax, recessive base mutation
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Platinum het Anthrax

Platinum, het Anthrax

Anthrax Sunfire

Anthrax, Sunfire
From $2,500.00

Anthrax Platinum Tiger

Anthrax, Platinum, Tiger
From $3,500.00

Purple Anthrax

Purple Albino, Anthrax

Lavender het Anthrax

Lavender, 100% het Anthrax

Lavender Tiger het Anthrax

Lavender Albino, Tiger, 100% het Anthrax

Lavender Sunfire Tiger het Anthrax

Lavender, Sunfire, Tiger, 100% het Anthrax
From $5,500.00
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